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  1. nitamasri says:

    Hi Dina the chocolate is Lebanese…love Unica (means only one in Spanish;) but yeah I live in Lebanon now from the States and Unica is one of my Faves.. Anyways love your style and Mabrook on your up and coming wedding. May Allah bless your union!!

  2. mbradley111 says:

    boo marriage

  3. Fatima Ali says:

    Where do you get your hijab/scarf from love it!

  4. Brendan Ryan says:

    Snooki-themed wedding???

  5. rukhsarsahar says:

    awhh my cat is called mimi too 😀

  6. lycheeBEAUTY says:

    Hey guys! I’m new on youtube! Please check out my channel!

  7. Mlle W says:

    back in my day the guy arranged everything and u showed up to the walima of course it never hurts to be fashionably late as to remind him ummmmmmm yeah wht does he look like again i cant see out of this veil and this lengha is too heavy. I recommend he plans it for if u do ull just end up sleeping at the walima from being so tired and all but ur not a Uni student so it might be easier or from East Africa so dif culture wht is ur way anyway?

  8. Aalia Khaled says:

    love you dina and congrats on your engagement / wedding !!!!!!!!!!!!! also your videos are great 🙂 xxxx

  9. diorify says:

    uuuuuuummmmmm why do you talk like that

  10. Alma Džafić says:

    fun. and Ed Sheeran! <3

  11. EmAayDee OYE says:

    Lol never fail to make me laugh…..
    Well everyone in the house thinks I’m mad the way I laugh at my ipad…. (With headphones on)

  12. Najosman123 says:


  13. howra altimimy says:

    It so funny

  14. Nuri Alnur says:

    hey girls, please check out my channel.

  15. Crobmi San says:

    Congratulation! Can you make a video with your fiancé please?

  16. TheSedika says:

    She has her makeup artist bff sue b-something. i bet she would do it for free…why do i know this much information about you?????

  17. amo ali says:

    Salaam heard your after video for wedding well i do professional Video depends when and where are you,,,,pls let me know for any help, bye.

  18. simranKHANish says:

    Ok can someone explain to me why I am seeing all these requests of Dina’s Fiance/husband? Either I am insainly stupid or I seem to have missed the bit where Dina mentions anything about her love life! Can someone take the time to explain?

  19. Oumou Ba says:

    I think she shouldnt show her husband eyes and mouths r not good

  20. Oumou Ba says:

    You should your wedding at the beach since summer is coming and its gonna be sunny!

  21. ak11111ak says:

    No one here seems to know the name of that song!! Seriously, no one?? Please..?

  22. MissSilentWords says:

    @ak11111ak it’s called Give me love-Ed Sheeran

  23. MissSilentWords says:

    You’re beautiful mashallah :)

  24. ak11111ak says:

    Thanks @MissSilentWords, but it’s the song which Dina and her brother are in the frame, in the car.. Know that song?? 😀

  25. Salwa Muslimah Solace says:

    you got conjunctivitis, you have to stop using eye make up, eye pencil, or put any things near your eye.
    The grove in Watford is AMAZING, my bro had his wedding there also a place near Harrow called Grims Dyke beautiful locations.

    Do a zeffa…. hire limo and do a zeffa at the end of the wedding.

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