READ ME*** Hello There! Here are some GAME IDEAS for your PARTIES and WHAT I DID ON MY BIRTHDAY ^^ Thank you for all the birthday wishes I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! ^^ How to Plan a Perfect ...


  1. RoxyRocksTV says:

    what I did for my #BIRTHDAY ! 

  2. Antesmrtaquesensilla says:

    Loveeeee videooooo

  3. Apoo Verma says:


  4. Zerina [The Belle Adventures] says:

    Aww that looked like a really fun party! :D

  5. Bee Amazed says:

    happy belated birthday 🙂
    great video <3 LOVE the bubble machine XD

  6. Minsooky says:

    The photo booth is a good idea! 

  7. carakilari says:

    amazing, thanks, grazie roxy, mi servono sempre i video in inglese, visto
    che abito a londra, però parlo spagnolo xD, percio sono como te in un certo
    senso :’)

  8. BeArYpRiNcEsS says:

    Happy belated birthday! <3

  9. Stephanie Martinez says:

    The cheetah one please

  10. RoxyRocksTV says:

    +Stephanie Martinez :D

  11. Zane MUA says:

    Aww your party looked fun! Too bad I don’t celebrate my birthday so much..

  12. amzyb_x says:

    Hope ur bday was amazing lyl

  13. Elissa Binion says:

    Great video! Happy late birthday!:) Mine is coming up in 2 months and I
    don’t have a lot of friends to celebrate with but I do have my spouse:D

  14. fabulousblueyes says:

    You always look so pretty!! Great ideas!

  15. Kali Bright says:

    These are awesome! I love the idea with the flamingo as the hot potato! 

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