Learn About Popular Games for Children’s’ Birthday Parties : How to Play the Name Jump Party Game

Learn how to play fun party games like the name jump party game in thisfree video series that examines fun and age-appropriate games for children. Expert: Nicole Valentine Bio: Nicole Valentine has been the director for an after school program for many years. During the process she has learned how to conduct games in an educational, fun, and safe manner. Filmmaker: Ivan Rattliff


  1. DenlingerFamily says:

    Can u make tropical games?

  2. foolHHH says:

    wow I love it … thanks

  3. GirlsnotgreyAFI says:

    if you want a good party idea put the birthday kid in a sac and hit he/she aginst the tree till he stops screaming

  4. noob8899 says:

    hell yeah

  5. pr0udhuskii101 says:

    @GirlsnotgreyAFI are u disturbed???

  6. xx3LiiS3xx says:

    You’re very professional about explaning, but this game sucks.

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