Learn About Popular Games for Children’s’ Birthday Parties : How to Play Pictionary at a Kids’ Party

Learn how to play fun party games like the Pictionary game in thisfree video series that examines fun and age-appropriate games for children. Expert: Nicole Valentine Bio: Nicole Valentine has been the director for an after school program for many years. During the process she has learned how to conduct games in an educational, fun, and safe manner. Filmmaker: Ivan Rattliff


  1. TearyPrincess says:

    If u r reading this, then u will find a dead bloody body hanging in ur closet. U will be haunted and killed by her. to stop it posti this to 6 other videos in 30 GOOD LUCK

  2. awadbros123 says:


  3. wizard964 says:

    very nice game

  4. myXusername says:

    We played a version of this in our HS French class. We would be split up into teams and have a word or phrase to get across to our team mates in only pictures. There was a long list of words and phrases the teacher would have and the first team to guess all the words wins.

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