Frozen Birthday Party Game Ideas!!

Bella had a Disney Frozen 4th birthday party, so we had a few "Frozen themed" party games out for the kids to try! - Pin the Nose on Olaf (homemade), there a...


  1. beingmommywithstyle says:
  2. Cupcakes26 says:

    These are really cool ideas. Did you make them yourself??

  3. amy k says:

    I have seen kid sized grass skirts at the Dollar Tree. 

  4. meganlovescoach says:

    The ice cube harvesting game is such a cute idea!
    Next time birthdays roll around you should check out oriental trading
    company, they sell all sorts of party things in bulk!

  5. Journey2 Yah says:

    I love the ice cube harvesting! Great activity for homeschool! TFS!

  6. AmbersFamilyof4 says:

    These were great party games!! You did a very good job at coming up with
    these. You are way more creative than I am. 

  7. Dana Ryan | MsDiaperD says:

    I love the ice cube harvesting! Great ideas!!!!

  8. the ginger mommy diaries says:

    such cute games! we’ll probably end up getting that stuffed olaf if i can
    find it, my son’s been getting more and more into frozen lately and i’m
    just like nooooooo (because the toys are so hard to find, kinda like
    despicable me was last year)

  9. amy k says:

    I love the ice cube game. I found some reusable ice cubes today at the
    dollar tree. They look just like the ones you got but they are multi
    colored ones. They came in a package of 16 cubes. 

  10. BambooStar8 says:

    I am super late, but the ideas you shared here are awesome! You did a
    fantastic job for Bella’s birthday! Love the end results. Really nice find
    with the ice cubes, tray and tongs for the ice cube harvesting game. All
    those items can be easily repurposed and used again.

  11. Veronica Owl says:

    Sorry I didn’t quite understood the ice cube harvesting game can you
    explain it please and thank you.

  12. navscars says:

    T yy: Lear.

  13. Alex Xavier says:


  14. alexia cornil says:

    My cousin loves Olaf and it’s her birthday soon

  15. pattie cyr says:

    You have a motor-mouth plz take a breath

  16. Sabah Khan says:

    Pin the nose on Olaf game…I LOOOOOVE IT! It is so unique and adorable!☺

  17. Anthony Mirabella says:


  18. Samael Sanchez says:

    Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

  19. Alexis Chapman says:

    I love it 🙂 

  20. claireandlilly1516 says:

    Post on my bday

  21. MissTwilightHater says:

    Expensive party! Great ideas though, so cute

  22. Teresa Woolf says:

    Hi there,

    I am from New Zealand and you were fantastic with your ideas for a Frozen
    You mentioned a place called Harvey Lavy in your video for the Harvesting
    Game. I tried googling this shop but it didn’t come back with anything.
    Can you please give me a contact phone number in the United States where
    this Harvey Lavy shop is? Also the city in the United States where this
    shop is? Please excuse my spelling of Harvey Lavy.

  23. shaggy1571 says:

    I love you.

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