Floral arrangement – Glowing centerpiece idea

By This easy beautiful tutorial will make your table look amazing. Perfect centerpiece for christmas holidays, parties, weddings...
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  1. Doris Ferrell says:

    Guys, learn how to design flower does not have to be difficult (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Look for a flower design program called Flowerolign Training (do a google search). Seriously, that tutorial has all answers for my question about flower design.

  2. Elizabeth Castellanos Adame says:

    where can i find the lights?!!! I Also saw the edible arrangement and i saw you used icicle lights but cant find it! please help. thank you!

  3. Brenda Espinoza says:

    will the pins keep the flower from falling?

  4. jolajade says:

    When u put the floral foam on top without a holder will it stay with the weight of flowers? Tnx

  5. viviazules says:

    Hi, this is really nice….but where did you bought the glowing thing???

  6. Roberto D La Garza says:

    where I get light???

  7. Liliana da Silva says:

    You can get the lights at walmart.

  8. JoeBDB says:

    How long do the lights last?

  9. Liliana da Silva says:

    Depends what kind of LED lights you have, but they can go up to 24 hours.

  10. sinaloa mazatlan says:

    Beautiful, Thanks for sharing. The pins can you buy them at any other stores besides a flower shop? Thank you.

  11. Liliana da Silva says:

    You can buy the pins at walmart. 🙂

  12. allan mejia says:

    how many flowers u needed to put n what size is the vas

  13. Tia Perez says:

    what type of light is it?

  14. Liliana da Silva says:

    LED you can find many different models in walmart , michaels or florist store

  15. allan mejia says:

    How many flowers did u use

  16. Norma Medellin says:

    Hi Liliana I’m getting married this coming and I really loved your idea. You had mentioned that the light can be purchased at Walmart. Can you please tell me the name or brand name of the light please I would greatly appreciate it very much. Thank You Very Much for the wonder idea!!!!

  17. Liliana da Silva says:

    it all depends of the size of the vase and the sice of your roses. but roughly 24.

  18. Liliana da Silva says:

    if you send me your e-mail i will send you all the info.

  19. JASMINE WEAVER says:

    What is the green thing at the top called?

  20. silvia duran says:

    hi liliana sorry can u please tell me the name of the light please its so beautifull!!thank u Very Much=)

  21. Liliana da Silva says:

    Hi, send me you r e-mail and I will send you all the info on the light, (how much and were to buy them)

  22. Liliana da Silva says:

    it’s called dry moss. there is 2 kinds one that stays dry and another for flower arrangement that you need to wet. get the one that you wet so that your flower can be hydrate

  23. Liliana da Silva says:

    it all depends of how big you are making your arrangement and how big your flowers are. but I would say roughly 18 to 24 roses. I don’t know your budget but if real flowers are o expansive for you just buy fake flowers( trust me it will look as nice and way way way cheaper)

  24. Esmeralda Uzeta says:

    found some lights at michaels,they were like balls and costs like $20 for 12,but you can take a coupon for 50% off

  25. Arif Syarifah says:

    Hello! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about flower arrangement program called Flowerolign Training (do a search on google), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried Flowerolign Training? I’ve heard several extraordinary things about it and my cousin finally learn how to arrange flower easily, but she refuses to tell me: (

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